Resin Bond Fickert For Granite

Resin Bond Diamond Fickert is used to make fine and finish grinding in order to improve the gloss on surface. Our resin bond diamond fickert are approved for their excellent grinding and polishing effect, long working lifetime and competitive price and performance ratio.

Diamond Fickert was initially used for Marble & Granite polishing by Fexmon Tools in 2007 after our several years of consistent and devoted research and development. This product has been highly approved by our customers according to their two years of practical use. Compared with traditional silicon carbide abrasives, this product’s advantages can be summarized as more ecient, energy saving and lower consumption. DIAMOND Fickert is the latest contribution made by Fexmon Tools to the technical upgrade and reform in marble & granite processing field. The development of this product is also one good example of Dynamic Abrasives following the Scientific-Development Sight of ‘Energy save, lower consumption and environment protection’ which is highly promoted by Indian government now.

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